8 Heneage Street E1 5LJ, London - +44(0)207 377 6285

Nomad Barber LDN is an award winning barbershop located in the heart of London's famous east end. We opened in october 2014 and have become one of the most famous barbershops in the global barbering community, with customers from all over the world coming to visit on a daily basis. I spent the year prior to opening the shop travelling the world and documenting barbering globally.
I’d like to think I’ve created a fantastic team offering an amazing service at the shop, inspired by many of the barbers I’ve met, with very competitive rates. All shaves and haircuts run at 45 minute slots which is rarely seen outside of Mayfair. This allows us to offer a complimentary hair wash, hot towel and hot lather neck shave with every haircut and incorporate various massage techniques into the shaves.