Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to welcome you all to our very first blog on our brand new website!  Some of you might know me from following the “Nomad Barber” series on Youtube, but for those who don’t, here’s a bit of background on me and my story…

My name is Miguel Gutierrez, and I’m from Liverpool, England.  Growing up, I wasn't very ‘good’ in school and didn't achieve as many qualifications as my parents would have hoped.  I remember constantly daydreaming about bizarre situations while I should have been concentrating on studies, and it became obvious that academia just wasn't for me.  I didn't feel mentally stimulated or challenged in school, and I left aged 16.  

At the age of 13 I had started weekend work in a greasy spoon cafe in the Heritage market, down at Liverpool’s Dock Road.  I decided that I wanted to become a chef!  The independence that working (and the wages!) gave me was unforgettable.  The highlight of the week was taking my 20 pound a day wage to a stall in the market, and buying as much VHS as I could.  Film and Cinema had become a great love of mine growing up, so I became obsessed with adding to my collection.  

The next few years saw me gain work experience in a few restaurants in the Albert Dock, Liverpool, though this didn't take me down the career path like I had hoped for.  The smells and heat of the kitchens just made me feel nauseous, and I often felt claustrophobic in the small kitchen environments.  So, what to do next?…..

One of my Dads friends owned barbershops around Liverpool, and one day, I began thinking.  I had always loved going to the Barber’s, and from a very young age it is a tradition that me and my dad always done together.  Although we didn't go as often as we would have liked (money too tight to mention…) I remember visiting our local barbers, “Bracey’s” and always being captivated by an old photo of him and his brother, in their smart white barber smocks, holding their towels over their arms.  This was an image that made a lasting impression on me, pushing me to realize that becoming a Barber might just be the job for me!  It had such a vibrant history, and seemed really interesting and sociable.  

Soon enough,  I attended a local career guidance centre, informing them that I had a love for History and Business, and was really interested in becoming a Barber.  Now, whether you see it as sheer luck, fate or destiny, I was told that there was an Open Day for the local Barbering College that very same day.  Needless to say, I quickly enrolled and also managed to get a training job in a prominent mens hairdressers in Liverpool, and I guess the rest is history!

Goreme, Turkey - 2013.

Goreme, Turkey - 2013.

I look back fondly and realize that it was actually the perfect career for me. It allowed me to become independent fairly quickly, be able to build a rapport with people from any social circle and the best thing about the job, it allowed me to travel. 

Now, I’m approaching my 30’s and I am lucky enough to have founded the “Nomad Barber” brand, of which I’m the Company Director.  I have worked in Liverpool, London, Berlin and Australia, and have travelled to many, many places.  I have managed to win awards in my career, travel the world, and currently have 2 barbershops, in London and Berlin.  The web-series has helped catapult my career onto a whole other level, and it’s opened up more doors for me than I could ever have imagined.  We are now in the process of planning new, exciting things for the brand, including lots more videos, a web shop, and hopefully weekly blogs.  

We are hoping to showcase lots of interesting content from around the world, discuss anything barbering/grooming related and hopefully introduce the rest of the team…SO, please feel free to return and enjoy our weekly blogs.  

Thanks so much for all the support,